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About Us

Hi! I’m Emily Olson, the artist behind Watercolor Luv. I live in the Denver area, Colorado with my husband and two kids.

I’ve been painting and drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil but discovered watercolor and haven’t looked back!

Why watercolor?  The medium is wild and unpredictable and just so much fun! I love watching the paint move and change as it dries. Painting also keeps me sane and happy during these busy, crazy days with small kiddos!

Since I am often asked to do portrait and pet commissions for friends and family, I decided to create a store that could reach more people and help them decorate their walls with fun and original artwork that expresses their love for their kids and pets!

Thank you so much for reading and visiting!

PS you can checkout my best selling prints HERE or upload your own photo and have me do a custom portrait of your child or pet!

PPS if you have any questions just message me here!